Things and stuff and things.

We knew that when we announced Sins of a Solar Empire II that people were going to be excited. When we launched the Technical Preview back in November, there was one question everyone was asking right from the onset: when would we add multiplayer?

Our multiplayer update came out of opt-in on February 21st and since then has been widely enjoyed by everyone who has played. We know how fun it is to be able to play with your friends - and we also know how long a good game of Sins can go when opponents are giving it their all. To support an awesome experience, we’ve implemented several features into multiplayer (with more to come in the future as well). Let’s take a look at a few of them!

Easily create and join a public or private lobby

We wanted to make sure this part was intuitive and easy to do. You’ll be able to search quickly for lobbies looking for players or, if you’d like to start from scratch, can create one of your own for others to join.

If you want to keep your game for friends only, you can set the game mode to private and it will generate a code for them to enter in order to join. 


Save and load multiplayer games

On a time constraint and the game is running a little too long? No need to worry! Save it and finish later. Only one player needs to have a local save to resume the game at another time.


Rejoin games in progress

We all hate the feeling of being entrenched in a fun and exciting game when suddenly you’re disconnected for whatever reason. With some games, it’s impossible to rejoin a match that’s already underway and you’re stuck waiting it out until your friends are all done, or the match just stops entirely.

Not in Sins of a Solar Empire II! If you drop from a game, you can easily rejoin it without having to load a save game or fuss with a bunch of extra steps. 

Pro Tip: Did you know you can pause games? This will let you put things on hold until your friend is done fighting with their pesky internet connection, or let everyone take a stretch and a bathroom break.


Replace an AI opponent with a human player

Did you start a match before your friends were around, only to have them show up later while you’re deeply entrenched in battle? Have them jump into the game and take over one of the AI enemies! Of course, depending on how things are going that may not be a desirable option for them…

Did you know that we have weekly multiplayer events and a robust multiplayer community over on our Discord server? Our events are currently every Saturday at 6pm ET. We’ll run open multiplayer games, hang out in voice chat, and have a great time destroying each other! We would love to see you there.

Can’t make the event? No problem! Our community is often looking for online opponents in the Discord, so if you’re looking to make some friends and find some games to play make sure you come in and join us anyway. 

Do you have any multiplayer adventures (or shenanigans) to share with us? Let me know in the comments!


on Apr 04, 2023

These are amazing features I feel every multiplayer game should have! Great job!