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Published on November 30, 2022 By Tatiora In Life, the Universe and Everything

Today, in people are wildly creative: someone is constructing the Kaneda bike from the anime Akira, which may be the most iconic bike in all of anime (or popular culture, for that matter). YouTuber Ayato has undergone quite the massive undertaking with this project and is documenting his progress on his channel for everyone to see. 

In the video above, Ayato discusses some of the modifications he's intending to make from the original design. These are mostly things to account for personal comfort - like adjusting the seat into a bucket style so that it's more practical for him - but won't really affect the overall aesthetic of the bike. He intends to keep the iconic front and wheel design, of course!

There are tons of clips on his page detailing his process. He first made the bike's body out of cardboard before creating it out of fiberglass reinforced plastic (or FRP). The clip here shows a little bit of it:

There are tons more on his page, so make sure to go have a look!

It's honestly pretty dang cool. The project isn't done yet, but I know I'm certainly interested to see how it turns out! The clips are in-depth, though they aren't in English. If you have any love for modding or customizing bikes or other vehicles, I think you'll enjoy giving this a watch regardless.

What do you think of this passion project? Is it something you'd love to do for yourself? Tell me a bit about your own hobbies, big or small - I want to hear about them!

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