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The time is upon us once more!
Published on November 23, 2022 By Tatiora In Life, the Universe and Everything

Here in the states, Thanksgiving is upon us! On Thursday, many of us will stuff our faces with turkey and then fall asleep on the couch in front of the football game. Or, if you're me, you'll fall asleep in front of a video game - I've never been much for football.

Some years ago, Black Friday used to be a big event for certain members of my family. My parents, sister, and I weren't so much into it, but we'd usually go visit our aunt and uncle and cousins in their tent camped outside the Best Buy and bring them warm drinks and hot food.

With the pandemic and the advent of online sales, those days are long past - and frankly, I think that's for the best. There were often some wild interactions and stories that came out of Black Friday shopping and backing off from providing those opportunities for tramplings and altercations can't be a bad thing.

For the last few years, I have worked Black Friday at my local hobby shop. The owner and I go way back - she's known me since I was 14! - and she pulls me on board for the day because of my board game and TTRPG knowledge. I honestly really enjoy it; retail can be fun when I can choose whether I do it or not and when I spend the day talking about products I genuinely love.

That said: always be nice to your retail workers, folks. It's a tough and exhausting job. In my opinion, unless you're heading out to support smaller and locally owned businesses, just keep your shopping online for that day! I've been seeing plenty of articles showcasing where some of the best gaming deals can be found for Friday, so I figured I'd share them here.

There are a few things that entice me, but nothing I'd be willing to go camp outside a store for. I'll enjoy being inside with a mug of my favorite seasonal tea (seriously, try this tea, it TASTES LIKE CHRISTMAS) and toasty warm with my blankets and my cat. If you're looking to score a particular deal, good luck! I hope this list helps.

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There's some overlap between the ads, but I tried to cover as many bases as I could. Happy shopping!

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