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Published on October 21, 2022 By Tatiora In Stardock Blog

Group shot of our wagon ride

It’s autumn in Michigan, and that means it’s cider mill season! This week, we took our annual trip out to Three Cedars Farm and enjoyed each other’s company while we got lost in the corn maze, huddled up around the fire, ate donuts, and - of course - drank cider.

We’ve had a bit of rain this week, which made the footing in the corn maze precarious at best. While I am normally determined to finish a challenge set in front of me - in this case, find all 3 hidden markers within the maze - I found my resolve wavering when I stepped into a slick patch of mud and nearly did the splits.

Our lovely operations team standing outside the corn maze

Upon deciding that a broken ankle or a pulled groin muscle wasn’t worth it, I penguin-waddled my way toward the exit and sat down to wait for my friends. They began trickling out before long, all of them victorious where I had failed. I still win if everyone else does, right? …Right.

I found some friends to join me before long!

Once everyone was present and accounted for, we climbed back into the back of the wagon - spreading some blankets and trash bags out on the damp hay - and got cozy to go to our next destination: the bonfire!

It was a cold and blustery day, so a lot of us huddled up around the flame and fed it with some extra wood while our wonderful operations team started passing out donuts and cider. 

Outside warm

Those who wanted to stay warm opted for roasting marshmallows for s’mores; Max also had the brilliant idea to roast one of the cider donuts! I forgot to ask him how it tasted, but I imagine the fire melted the sugar on the outside a bit to give it a crispy sweet crust. Yum!

We visited for as long as we could stand the cold and then enjoyed an early end-time to our work day so that we could go home and relax. I bumped my heat up a few degrees and settled down for some kitty cuddles and video gaming, which was a lovely way to end a cold and chilly Wednesday. 


One of my favorite things about being here at Stardock is spending quality time with the incredible people I’m fortunate enough to work with. Outings like this are a great way to help us pause and appreciate each other. 

I’m looking forward to the next one!

Hanging outside the corn maze

Another group shot outside the corn maze

on Oct 21, 2022

I'm sure someone missed a trick with the name of the place...."Corn Maize" ...

on Oct 22, 2022

Coming from the home of Cider, i have partaken more than a few times, glad to see you kept the correct spelling as our European cousins call it Cidre, and have Julius Caesar’s invasion of us in 55 BC to thank for it.

on Oct 22, 2022

I'm sure someone missed a trick with the name of the place...."Corn Maize" ...

It got kaboshed by the Department of Redundancy Department.

on Oct 22, 2022


it got kaboshed by the Department of Redundancy Department.

How about Maize Maze then....

on Oct 23, 2022

That works.  The Amazing Maize Maze when it goes to Vegas.

on Oct 24, 2022

I am actually pretty upset I didn't utilize a maize pun in there. I'm slacking!