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Published on September 19, 2022 By Tatiora In Stardock Blog

In case you missed it last week - and with all the hype and hullabaloo I’m not sure how you could have! - we officially announced Sins of a Solar Empire II. We are so excited to be working with our friends over at Ironclad Games again after so many years!

Following in the footsteps of its critically acclaimed predecessor, this highly anticipated sequel will seamlessly blend real-time strategy and 4X gameplay to deliver a grand space conflict equal parts immersive and intense, while introducing a whole new level of detail and raising the bar on what it means to become the ruler of a vast space empire.  

Before I get too deep into this: if you haven’t already, make sure you watch the trailer!

Sins of a Solar Empire II will once again explore the tragic war between the desperate Vasari, emergent TEC, and the vengeful Advent as their struggle leaves them exposed to much greater threats. Each race will further distinguish their play styles with unique game mechanics, new and reimagined units, extensive research trees, and refined sub-factions. You can read more about the specifics in our announcement post!

While of course we’re excited to get the game in your hands once it’s completed, we’re equally looking forward to sharing the journey. You can pre-order now to be ready for the single-player engine test we’ll be releasing sometime in the Fall featuring the TEC loyalists. Although it’s not feature complete, you’ll be able to check out the new gameplay systems, refinements, abilities, and more.

The gameplay in Sins of a Solar Empire II is far deeper than its predecessor which will allow you to discover new strategies and creative ways to play. If all of this is piquing your interest, make sure you read the first dev journal from our Director of Publishing, Brian Clair. 

Brian has a long history with the series and knows it as well as anyone here at Stardock. You’ll find that he has a lot of interesting insights and fun tidbits to share! 

In addition to some of the behind the scenes info you’re getting from the dev journals, we also released a bunch of cool-looking backgrounds for your PCs! You can check out the post with all of the images - in varying sizes for your multi-monitor needs - over here.

We are so jazzed to be working on this project. From us and our friends over at Ironclad, we’d like to thank you for all of your support and enthusiasm for Sins of a Solar Empire over the years. Without you, there would be no sequel. We’re looking forward to sharing in the process of development with you and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

What’s got you the most excited about Sins of a Solar Empire II? Sound off to me in the comments!

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