Things and stuff and things.

About a week ago, we released Galactic Civilizations IV into beta. Since then, more videos from our YouTube and Twitch friends have been rolling in, and we’ve really enjoyed seeing all of the gameplay and hearing all of the feedback!

The alpha testing phase for GalCiv IV was awesome and we were able to implement a lot of great player feedback during that time because we had such an active and vocal community. We’ve put out an update to the beta today, too, which includes some new events and flavor text, plus some additional background on the Mimot Brotherhood’s lore.

I’ve been watching Let's Plays in between working on projects, and it’s been really cool not only to hear what everyone’s thoughts on the game is so far, but also to learn a few gameplay tidbits that I wasn’t aware of! If I can become a better player through osmosis, I won’t complain.

Below are a couple of my favorites so far. I’m sure I’ll have more to share later! 

Nivarias' playthrough is up to 4 episodes already, with possibly some more on the way!

DasTactic has been a long-time GalCiv fan and makes some fantastic videos.

Dad's Gaming Addiction has been a longtime fan of most of our games, and I always enjoy his playthroughs.

Check out this full stream from Raptor! It's lengthy, but well worth the watch.


Have you been playing GalCiv IV? What are your thoughts on the game right now?

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