Things and stuff and things.

While the games that maintain the top "popular" slots may not always be games that we agree with, we have to admit that they hold those slots for a reason. I will even confess to having played a little bit of Epic's Fortnite game, only to find myself pleasantly surprised with how enjoyable it was. 

That doesn't mean I have any interest in watching a movie about it, but here we are. According to The Information, Epic Games is considering the idea of expanding into the entertainment industry with a movie based on the popular battle royale game. Several executives from Lucasfilm joined Epic in early 2021, including Jason McGatlin, formerly the vice president of physical production at Lucasfilm. He is now the president of special projects at Epic.

Video game adaptations are becoming increasingly common these days, especially with how much technology has advanced and made paying homage to our favorite games much easier. I am still a huge fan of the old adaptations of the 80's and 90's - and no, I definitely don't care how bad they are.

I can still break out Mortal Kombat all these years later and revel in how delightfully campy and overdramatic it is (incidentally, I did enjoy the new one and suggest that it's worth checking out). And while it is neither campy nor a movie but rather a really fantastic mini series, it's been nice to see The Witcher dominate on Netflix. There are so many video games that I would love to see an adaptation for, but they've just never manifested yet.

I think that a Skyrim movie or mini series would be pretty epic! Also, The Legend of Zelda has gripped me for years - I would give almost anything to see some additional non-game media (either movie or mini series) based around that. 

What video game would YOU like to see made into a movie? Share with me!



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