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Microsoft announced on Monday via a letter on Xbox Wire from Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, that they had acquired ZeniMax Media and publisher Bethesda Softworks.

"Bethesda's games have always had a special place on Xbox and in the hearts of millions of gamers around the world," Spencer said in his statement. "Our teams have a close and storied history working together, from the amazing first DOOM, and its id Tech engine, innovating games on PCs to Bethesda bringing their first console game to the original Xbox, the groundbreaking The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Over the years I’ve had many deep conversations with the creative leaders at Bethesda on the future of gaming and we’ve long shared similar visions for the opportunities for creators and their games to reach more players in more ways."

Microsoft will add Bethesda's games to the Xbox Game Pass for console and PC, and now has 23 creative studio teams making games for Xbox and PC. Specifically, Microsoft called out Starfield, a highly anticipated and upcoming title from Bethesda.

Todd Howard of Bethesda published a letter on their website discussing the purchase. Hines outlined the studio's long history of working with Microsoft and says they will continue to make games as they always have. "I have been incredibly blessed to spend my career at, and help build, one of the best places to make games in the world - Bethesda," he wrote. "Our longest, and closet partner during my career, has been Microsoft."

Senior vice president of global marketing and and communication at Bethesda, Pete Hines, explained further why the acquisition made so much sense for them. "So why the change? Because it allows us to make even better games going forward," he wrote. "Microsoft is an incredible partner and offers access to resources that will make us a better publisher and developer. We believe that means better games for you to play. Simply put - we believe that change is an important part of getting better. We believe in pushing ourselves to be better. To innovate. To grow."

With this purchase, Microsoft unites the Fallout publisher Bethesda and the Fallout: New Vegas developer, Obsidian Entertainment, under the same company. 

Any Fallout: New Vegas fans happy to see Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda united? What about the partnership with Microsoft? Let us know your thoughts!

on Sep 23, 2020

on Sep 23, 2020

Seriously though, after having seen so many companies run into the ground after acquisition by huge corporations, I'm bummed about possibly never seeing another Elder Scrolls game.