Things and stuff and things.

There are dozens of quotes that express something along the lines of “disorganization is a sign of intelligence.” 

Well, if that’s true, then my computer is evidence that I’m a dang genius. Don't let the image below fool you - this is definitely an 'after' shot.

Fences DesktopThe above image is after I'd painstakingly organized.

Fences has a lot of fantastic features to help with desktop organization (and, admittedly, I don’t take advantage of them as well as I should). I’ve just recently started exploring folder portals, and when I actually bother to set one up, it’s pretty great.

A folder portal lets you take a folder and create a Fence on the desktop that directly links to the contents of that folder. This is awesome for a few reasons. One, I don’t have to go digging through Explorer windows to find the folder I need, and two, I don’t have to clutter my desktop with a bunch of folders so that I can get to them easily. Now, they’re all contained in their own tidily fenced in areas.

Creating a Folder Portal
See the directions below for how to set up a portal.

There are a few different ways you can go about setting up a folder portal:

  • Right-click and drag on your desktop like you would for creating a normal fence. You’ll see a “folder portal” option appear.
  • Right-click a folder and create the folder portal from there.
  • Hold the Alt key while dragging/dropping a folder to your desktop.

New Fences PortalLook at your brand new portal! You can now drag the fence wherever you want to keep it on the screen.
Or leave it where you made it, your call.

If you decide that your folder portal isn't useful anymore and want to get rid of it, no problem - that's easy! Just click the 'X' in the upper right of the Fence and select "Remove this Folder Portal." Voila! No more portal.

Delete Fences Portal
Getting rid of a Folder Portal is extremely easy.

Want to know more about Fences? Check out the website, or take a look at Object Desktop.

Good luck with your New Year’s organizing!

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