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These customizations will make you GREEN with envy...see what I did there?
Published on March 13, 2018 By Tatiora In Personal Computing

St. Patrick's Day is almost here! I thought I'd celebrate by sharing some of my favorite Dreams, wallpapers, and skins from WinCustomize. There aren't a ton of shamrocks and leprechauns specifically, so I tried to keep the heart of the holiday in my mind as I selected these. You'll see Irish landscapes, a lot of green, and everyone's favorite beverage of choice for St. Patrick's day, too.


What's better than the ruins of a castle beside the sea? Maybe a fully functional castle beside the sea? Still, the view is marvelous.

Irish Beachside Castle

Ireland Seaside Castle by rlphwshr

Ah, the forests of the Emerald Isles. This peaceful Dream with drizzling rain is one of my favorites.

Irish Forest

Irish Forest by rlphwshr

This skin absolutely... rocks. Okay, yeah, I'll admit that wasn't particularly funny, but at least the skin is cool.

Shamrock WindowBlinds

Shamrock (Master Skin) by LightStar

A little bit of old school green flare is in this "magical" skin.

Leprechaun Majik

Leprechaun Majik by Vampothika

Of course, I had to include this one. I know too many people who run to the nearest pub on St. Patty's day. Amazing if they can get a seat!


Beer by Klaatu Berada

This skin might make you green with envy. ...yeah, just, uh, check out the skin and ignore my puns. That's what everyone else does.

Lime Green

Lime Green by don5318


Happy St. Patrick's day! 
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on Mar 13, 2018

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St. Paddy Day Dream link:


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Happy St. Patrick's Day Dream

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