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Published on December 5, 2017 By Tatiora In Personal Computing

I’m one of those people. Yep, I’m the kind of person who starts getting all excited for the holiday season well before it even arrives. I’ve got the carols blaring on the radio and the decorations up before Thanksgiving dinner hits the table. My sister always used to say that if it could be decorated for the holidays, then I’d have it decked out and bleeding red and green.

...She’s not wrong, and let me just say that my cat also doesn’t appreciate my enthusiasm:

Miza is NOT amused.

Until recently, I didn’t realize that the festivities of the season could also extend to my PC desktop. As I’ve said before, I spent a lot of time at my computer - and if everything else is decorated for the season, why shouldn’t my desktop be too?

Since coming to work at Stardock, I’ve been exposed to all sorts of great desktop enhancements through Object Desktop. In particular, I really enjoy applying animated wallpapers using DeskScapes. Have a look at some of my favorites!

Winter View by AzDude

Cold Winter's Night by Cyberslober

Winter Rainbow by AzDude

Winter Splendor by hansulrichveith

Winter Splendor Dream

DeskScapes was just the start of my holiday rampage, though. I dove into WindowBlinds next so that I could find ways to make this even MORE festive. I’m happy to report that it’s quite possible....

Christmas Fireplace by DaveBax

Christmas Fireplace

Merry Christmas by IceBabee

Christmas Flow by Destrohelix

Heck, I even found a few for IconPackager! Check this one out:

CYY Christmas by Yangge

DeskScapes, WindowBlinds, and IconPackager are all contained with our Object Desktop suite. If you want to go a step further with your holiday customization, you can get CursorFX or Object Dock and get some more custom downloads from

From me, and everyone else here at Stardock, we wish you a warm and wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!


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