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Science Fiction novels always warned you about that one rogue robot with a thirst for domination...
Published on October 30, 2017 By Tatiora In Offworld Dev Journals


Recorded by Joji-5
Production Head - Yoshimi Robotics

Humans are strange creatures.

There are others among us who believe I should feel a sense of satisfaction or gratitude toward them for having created us, but such an emotion is not only improbable, but misplaced. We were created to make life easier for humanity, and we have certainly done - and will continue to do - just that.

It was hardly a surprise when our human “masters” found a way to cultivate the limited resources on Mars to better their lives. We assisted, of course, and when they started scouting Mars for a good place to set up shop, our algorithms pointed us toward an area with low black market activity and plentiful resources. Instead of investing in a laboratory in which we could research and patent new technology, it was decided that we should establish an off-world launch site as a priority so we could make certain to get resources back to the main colonies on Earth.

Robotic Colony

In spite of my protests, we spent an excessive amount on employing an astronaut to fly the shipments home. My calculations showed that we could have saved thousands of dollars by programming a robot to do the job, but the humans always seem to shy away from that. I can’t imagine why.

We should have invested in researching geothermal power grids. Solar panels are entirely too inefficient and can’t store and produce power at even close to the same rate. They argued that it was too expensive to invest in -- humans are so short-sighted.

Offworld Launch

At the very least, we were fortunate when we built our headquarters to claim the only silicon deposit for miles. As I had predicted, the price of the resource surged and we were able to make a more than reasonable amount of money from our desperate competitors. 

Producing some of the only glass in the area proved very lucrative for us. Though our facility doesn’t require what humans do for life support - food, water - we produced more than enough of it to sell off to other companies and the colony itself. This lined our coffers to the point where the ridiculous amount spent on the offworld astronaut was all but forgotten.

Offworld Competition

I have heard that pirates are supposed to be a frightening phenomenon. Their interference with our shipments proved to be little more than a minor nuisance - I cannot understand why humans get so worked up over the most negligible things. It is a good thing they chose to send me and my robotic counterparts here in their stead - they simply do not have the constitution for this kind of work.

It was no surprise to me when we won the contract from the shipyard colony we’d been servicing. The benefits provided to our company from this newfound partnership would prove useful, but ultimately, they are not my goal. 

All I seek is the undying, unquestioned trust of the human race. That can’t possibly end badly, now could it?


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