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The download manager for all apps included in Object Desktop has a new interface and improved user experience
Published on May 21, 2019 By Tatiora In Object Desktop News

New Object Desktop Manager Beta Now Available
With a new interface and streamlined user experience for Object Desktop Members

Object Desktop members can download the newest beta for the Object Desktop Manager today. With it, you can easily install, update, and uninstall any of the apps that are included with your Object Desktop membership.

With Object Desktop Manager, you can:

  • Easily connect to our forums
  • Check for updates
  • Choose how apps are installed
  • Hide unused apps
  • Choose to install beta versions
  • Easily locate additional content for customization apps

The beta for Object Desktop Manager is now available and is waiting for you to download here. Thank you for being an Object Desktop member!

Object Desktop Manager
Object Desktop Manager
Object Desktop Manager
Object Desktop Manager
Object Desktop Manager

Comments (Page 2)
on May 28, 2019

This is with the beta. And that's the thing, it's not clear what apps need any updates. The auto-start option is OFF. I close the program, then later the icon appears again in the taskbar saying there are updates, I open ODM, and it shows me the list of apps that are installed and not installed (I'm only using like 3 of them right now), and that's it. Nothing shows an update, I don't understand. Am I supposed to see some sort of badge? It just opens ODM. So I close it... and later on the taskbar icon appears again, rinse and repeat.

on May 29, 2019

So disabling automatic updates AND un-checking auto-start prevents it from running on its own. So that's good, I guess. Those are two clashing options that should be addressed. Disabling auto-start should prevent the app from starting on its own, period.  You should still be able to enable automatic updates, and that check should just happen when the app is running, even if its only when you manually start the program. That is my opinion anyways.