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The Rotten Tomatoes score isn't too encouraging...
Published on May 23, 2018 By Tatiora In Life, the Universe and Everything

So, I'm a total Star Wars nerd and if it says Star Wars, I need to see it at least once. Anyone else hyped, or feeling especially "meh" about it?

I usually go see this stuff with my Dad, so it's always a good excuse to spend some time together - but this Friday I'm going to cut out and see Deadpool 2 instead of seeing Solo opening day. Chances are that no matter what I see this weekend, it's going to be insanely busy.

What about you guys?

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on May 31, 2018


Quoting GrayLord,

I was pleasantly not disappointed with Solo.  Not the greatest movie, but a lot better than 7, 8, & even Rouge One.

I too am more of a fan of Star Trek, however the "re-imaging" of Star Trek II has pretty much killed my interest (never bothered to see the last one.  The premier of Discovery further killed it.


Do not agree with Solo being better than Rogue One, but obviously tastes differ...however i am another of you trekkies, so yeah Star Trek > Star Wars for me definitely.

Regarding Star Trek: Beyond, you did not miss much. It was the worst of the triplet of modern ST movies, boredom from start to end. 


I pretty much agree with all of this ^^^^


Would go on to say that I think I would like the new Star Trek movies better if they weren't "Star Trek." They are decent enough movies, they just don't feel like Star Trek. If they were there own lore, they would be pretty good. Granted they probably wouldn't have been made, especially not with a decent budget, without that name brand attached.

on May 31, 2018

As far as i am concerned, only Trek that matters to me, is TNG-DS9-VOY. Saying that, the only Trek TV-show i am interested in, is the one continuing these, set in the same timeline, relative shortly after these happened, with relatively consistent setting, alien, story, etc...

I can watch Abrams Trek and Discovery just fine, but if i am thinking stuff related to Star Trek, like say computer games, i am only interested in ones set in TNG era of Prime universe.

Case in point, the VR star trek game from Ubisoft, could not care about it one bit. Mostly cause i dont have VR headset, but its actually playable even then, but still. But apparently its gonna get TNG DLC...and the proposition of flying Enterprise D and fight Romulan Warbirds is way more appealing to me than flying some fugly Abramsverse ship. I believe lot of other people see it the same and perhaps the companies starting to realize that, when  they decide to produce DLCs like this.


on May 31, 2018

Well I grew up on the captain Kirk series. Funny what you said about it not being Star Trek it would have done a lot better. I felt that way about deep space nine. Because; of all the battle star galactica, and lost in space comparisons for voyager. I expected the navigational department being destroyed; Because, they were only supposed to be out a few weeks I expected a few weeks of fuel. In another quadrant I expected that the technology was going to be like what they had ever seen, and was going to be completely incompatible with their own. Even though I grew up on a universal trans later I still expected something more like enterprise where they were going to have to relearn incompatible languages they have never seen.

That was the least being a fan of battle star galactica I would have made the Kazon more like the Jim Hador in Deep space nine where they were being chased more like in battle star galactica. Being in Catherine's position I expected more of a relaxing on regulations or shore leave like in the series. How can I reboot Voyager, or make a new show even if it was just fan based. This is from a fan of the original battlestar galactica I mean I came up with this when i was dissolusioned from the first episode, and the original lost in space. I wish netflix will hurry up and make more episodes what they did with the old show is nice.

on Jun 02, 2018

I think instead of the Kelvin timeline, JJAbrams creation, they should have kept the original and continued it on after Voyager returned home. Plenty of possibilities there.

on Jun 02, 2018

My bad. I thought the Avatar sequel had already come out.

on Jun 02, 2018

There is a lot of potential in through the looking glass with the deep space 9 timeline.

on Jun 03, 2018

DS9 I think would be a good stepping off point. Leaving out the huge vessels such as Enterprise, why not a trio of Voyager class ships with DS9 as a home port. Now that Cardassia is more or less toast and occupied by the Federation they could act as a sort of troubleshooter for the entire region. And leave out the spore drives! I'm sure by this time they'd have more eco friendly warp drives.