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Stardock announced the final installment of its 4-part expansion to Star Control: Origins today. Earth Rising - Part 4: Earth Rises introduces players to exciting new adventures, including bar fights at Kapteyn’s Bar, the reluctant return of a God, a search for a missing Commander, and more.  

Star Control: Origins is set in the late 21st century. The player is the Captain of Earth's first interstellar starship with the mission to explore the galaxy, find allies to help protect Earth from hostile aliens, and find the resources necessary to help Earth expand to the stars.

Earth Rises is the final part in a four-part expansion pack called Earth Rising. The expansion adds a host of new aliens, ships, adventures and destinations to the already rich universe introduced in Star Control: Origins. Because Star Control is a non-linear action/RPG game, the new content does not require the player to have already completed the main story arc from the base game.

Highlights of Earth Rises include:

  • New Missions & Quests - Search for the missing Commander Magara, keep an eye on the humans developing a deadly Terran Battlecruiser, and stop the Measured from harvesting a sun and killing an entire civilization. 
  • New Location - Visit Kapteyn’s Bar to hear the latest gossip, triumph in a bar fight, and pick up bounty hunting quests.
  • New Battles - Lead your fleet into epic battles against massive space stations.
  • New Weapons - Take on enemies with an arsenal of new weapons like the Black Hole Array or the Charged Warhead.

Star Control: Origins - Earth Rising is now available for purchase for $19.99 on Steam. Currently, the first 3 parts are available to play until part 4 arrives. For more details, visit the forums.

Star Control: Origins is available on Steam, GOG, or Stardock for $29.99. For more information, visit   


on Feb 24, 2020

Tatiora, I all was waiting in anticipation. When will you release the final part?

on Feb 29, 2020

I would guess we can expect it "real soon"

on Mar 01, 2020

Winter 2020 is over, but the game did not come out!

Well, who does this? Promised to release in the winter, and already spring!

on Mar 01, 2020


Winter 2020 is over

Not true.  For Stardock, winter isn't over until 11:19 pm EDT on Thursday, March 19.

on Mar 02, 2020

Well, finally, the exact information! 

Old-Spider, thank you.

on Mar 02, 2020


Not true.  For Stardock, winter isn't over until 11:19 pm EDT on Thursday, March 19.

Or for me....11.59pm, August 31 AEST ...

on Mar 12, 2020

Part 4 is now available!