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Published on November 28, 2017 By Tatiora In Personal Computing

It’s said that “too much of a good thing” can be bad for you. Well, we believe that’s a bunch of nonsense! Even though yesterday was Cyber Monday, we’ve got software sales going all week long for some of our most popular apps. Read on to learn more about them!

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Fences  |  Automatically organize your desktop shortcuts and icons
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Fences is one of our top-selling organizational apps. If you tend to save things to your desktop so that you can find them easily (me), but forget to move or delete them (also me), that can clutter it up pretty fast. Fences hasn’t broken this habit for me, but it has made it easier to find things. 

With just a simple click-and-drag, you can create a shaded “fence” on your desktop. You can size it, label it - even color it! - to your preferences and then drag over the folders or icons that you’d like to keep there. You can set a Fence up to populate with programs of a certain type or variety, utilize folder portals, and much more.

Love Fences 2? Get all the latest features in Fences 3. Upgrade now for just $4.54!


Start10  Bring back the familiar Windows Start menu
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Reg. $4.99 Now $3.24

When I find something I like, I tend to stick with it. When it’s changed or altered against my will, I become indignant - which is why Start10 is so great. I love the Windows 7 Start menu, so being able to go back to that while using Windows 10 is really satisfying for me.

With Start10, you can filter searches in the Start menu, apply textures and colors to the background and taskbar, and more. If you’re using Fences, it will integrate into the Start menu for added organization and ease of use!

Have you made the move to Windows 10 yet? Start8 won't work there, but you can upgrade to Start10!  Upgrade now for just $2.59.


Multiplicity  Connect multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse
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Reg. $19.99 Now $12.99

Before I came to Stardock, I’d only ever run a single PC at home. When I got here, they gave me 2 PC’s and 3 monitors, and Multiplicity - now I can’t live without it! I can move files, folders, text, and images between my computers without having to deal with setting up an expensive (and space-consuming) KVM switch. 

The seamless control transition is my favorite feature. It feels like I’m just using one computer while I pass through the monitors without interrupting my workflow. I use the KM version here and at home now, but the KVM and KVM Pro versions are also on sale this week and are great for people who need to control and monitor even more PCs.


WindowBlinds |  Skin your Windows desktop interface
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Reg. $9.99 Now $6.49

I spend a lot of time looking at my computer screen, so I find that having elements that I can customize and change when I’m feeling like a change of scenery is pretty fun. 

WindowBlinds lets me apply custom skins to my desktop that I can add backgrounds, textures, and colors to. I can even choose my own skin fonts or design my own skins with SkinStudio. It seems like a minor thing, but being able to customize the look and feel of my taskbar and window frames really adds a personal touch to my virtual desktop.

If you're a fan of WindowBlinds 8 but want the latest version, you can upgrade now for just $3.24!

on Nov 28, 2017

on Nov 28, 2017

Start10 is, IMHO,  the best $3.24  you'll evet spend.     

on Nov 28, 2017


Start10 is, IMHO,  the best $3.24  you'll evet spend. 

Even if it was $50 it'd be 'the best' ...

on Nov 28, 2017

It would indeed.