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Tatiora's Articles for August, 2017
August 14, 2017 by Tatiora
From the desk of Maisie SongSeneca Development Mars is beautiful. When I say beautiful, I don’t mean the landscape -- although there is kind of an eerie serenity to it. No, what I really mean are the opportunities. My family wasn’t thrilled when I decided to take the job off world, but I wasn’t about to let the chance to become more than just an intern pass me by. [[..]] What I really wasn’t prepared for when I got there was the amount of debt. I guess...
August 7, 2017 by Tatiora
Memo from the desk of Philippa Ndiaye
CEO of the Diadem Trust

The future lies in the hands of people like us. We must rise above these failings and lead humanity to greater prosperity.

My father is a wise man, and I have never forgotten those words. When he sought retirement and left his company to me, I followed his procedures to the letter - because they worked. Whispers of nepotism an an effortless inheritance based on anything but merit reached my ears, but I paid none o...
August 1, 2017 by Tatiora
We know that the Object Desktop suite is the perfect thing for increasing productivity, organizing, and customizing your Windows PC.
For the month of August, we want to give you a chance to see it work for you.
Simply provide us with your email to enter to win a Golden Key for a free copy of Object Desktop!*How to EnterGo to the giveaway page: your email address in the field provided.Agree to the terms and conditions, submit, and good luck!Get so...